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Version history:


  • improved bot recognition in gallery access logs
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • added a new dashboard in the admin panel displaying a summary and last activity from 24h
  • added ability to preview email with share link
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • added export of the list of selected files to Windows (script copying images to a separate directory)
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • changed "tagging" images to like with heart icon
  • added ability to set the gallery cover, which is displayed as a large image after entering the gallery
  • new gallery settings templates added
  • new "masonry" thumbnail layout, for creating minimalist elegant galleries
  • reorganize gallery appearance options


  • fixed the error of sending an email with a share link when the shopping cart was enabled in the gallery
  • translation bug fixes


  • added ability to send email with gallery share link
  • added ability to specify an SMTP server for sending emails in the application settings
  • added ability to change thumbnails size directly while viewing the gallery
  • added option to automatically adjust thumbnails to the ratio of the sides of the images
  • added a login history log to the administration panel
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • image zooming in the gallery has been rebuilt, now you can zoom iamges in several levels and edit markers while zooming
  • saving changes to tgging, ratings, comments, etc. now takes place in the background without blocking image thumbnails
  • in the image upload window, you can now replace images that are already in the gallery
  • minimum reuqired version is PHP 7.4
  • improved compatibility with PHP 8.2
  • fixes and improvements


  • added saving in gallery logs when selection is finalised
  • improved algorithm for detecting screens with higher pixel density
  • improved compatibility with PHP 8.1


  • added the ability to perform actions on the gallery by directly viewing it as an administrator
  • fixes and improvements


  • gallery list has been rebuilt into a table, now you can search for galleries and sort by various attributes
  • added display of the amount of space occupied on the server by the gallery
  • added an option to display image resolution and its size in the gallery
  • selection list in Excel file now additionally includes the resolution and file size of the image
  • added new help window in gallery with list of keyboard shortcuts
  • added the ability to log out of the administration panel on all devices
  • improved layout of the watermark securing images
  • display of gallery access logs has been changed to the form of a table
  • fixes and improvements


  • added the ability to zoom in images on a computer (right mouse button)
  • minor fixes and optimizations


  • ability to import ratings from a photo tethering app Tether Display
  • bug fixes


  • possibility to install a new Shopping cart - online ordering system plugin that adds shopping cart functionality to the galleries along with an extensive ordering system
  • new additional thumbnail size - small
  • fixed incorrectly arranged thumbnails on some mobile devices
  • new option that allows you to upload two images into the gallery at the same time in the queue, which makes uploading faster
  • bug and security fixes


  • option to configure the FROM field for sending e-mails with notifications (necessary on some hosting)
  • removed an incorrect message displayed when more than one different gallery was opened at the same time in the background
  • new "remember me" option when logging into the administration panel
  • many fixes and improvements


  • added selection list generation to Excel (XLSX) format
  • added export of the list of selected files to Capture One
  • added the ability to set SMTP parameters for the e-mail box that sends e-mails with notifications about the finalisation of the selection
  • fixes and improvements


  • possibility to install a new Gallery groups plugin that allows sharing multiple galleries
  • new layout for displaying the gallery list in the administration panel
  • added the function of checking in the background whether changes have been made in the gallery. Now when browsing the gallery, a message will be displayed about the changes that have been made to: gallery settings, image selection or adding/removing images
  • fixes and improvements


  • file downloads now are logged in gallery access logs (Download images plugin)
  • fixes and improvements


  • fixed an issue where the file list could not be opened in the gallery from the administration panel


  • added gallery access logs
  • added a photo counter in the photo browsing view
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • optimized image processing and creation of thumbnails, now even large images (e.g. 26mpx) uploaded to the gallery are displayed instantly


  • fixed bug which in some cases could result in no ratings or tagging when viewing images


  • added ability to copy / move selected images to a new or existing gallery
  • added generating list of images for use in Total Commander
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • added slide panel for easier commenting images and adding markers
  • added ability to change thumbnails ratio and their size
  • new option to define default settings for newly created galleries
  • added ability to hide filenames on thumbnails and when viewing images
  • added button that allows you to return to the home page after saving changes to the gallery settings
  • pagination has been removed in the gallery browsing view
  • added ability to add a description to the gallery
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • option to select the application display theme and for specific galleries (light, dark)
  • keyboard shortcuts in photo preview mode (0-5 rating, 6-9 colors, "p" or "\" tagging, "c" comment)
  • the filtering operation has been improved
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • added images selection finalising with email notification
  • added generating list of images with Lightroom text search format
  • support for multiple filter conditions
  • option to protect images with a watermark
  • option to select images transition animation
  • arrows to go to the next/prev page while viewing photos
  • images uploading progress now visible in browser tab title
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • new feature "Create copy", that allows to clone gallery
  • new feature "Clear images data", that allows clear all tagging, rating, etc. in gallery
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • added ability to install additional plugins
  • bug fixes


  • added ability to zoom in images on mobile devices
  • bug fixes


  • initial version of Photo Selector