You will be able to share your images in 3 easy steps:

Log in to the admin panel. Create a gallery and upload the images you want to share.

Enable gallery sharing and send a link to people you want to have access to your images.

The person who got the link can easily view, tag, rate and add comments to images.

Multiple image marking options:


With tagging you can set a selected image's status as "tagged" or "untagged".


Add comments to images or edit existing comments.


Rate images from 0 to 5, assign the right number of stars.


Tag images with colors. You can add multiple colors to one image.

See demo versions:

Sample gallery
Administration panel

Main features of Photo Selector:

Create and share galleries, you can be sure that only the person who has the link to the gallery can open it, plus you can protect it with a password.
By viewing the gallery you can easily sort and filter the displayed images. You can, for example, only show those with 5 star rating or those that have comments or that have not been rated at all.
You can install the application on your server under your domain. Installation is straightforward and does not require a database. If you do not have your own server or do not know how to do it, please use the contact form and we will find a solution.
Photo Selector is designed for mobile devices. You can use it on your computer, tablet, smartphone, and the quality of your images will remain perfect.
The application interface is available in two languages: English and Polish.

Do you have questions?

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